Particle DataGateway

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What is the DataGateway?

Particle DataGateway captures data from event producers such as IoT devices, games, and web applications and forwards them to a data pipeline for further processing.

Challenges of Event Capture

  • Events must be delivered from producers to the data pipeline with low latency and high throughput.
  • Event payload must be secured end-to-end between producers and processors.
  • Event capture should be able to handle various formats and transports used by disparate event producers.
  • No data must be lost between the event producer and the event collector.
  • Event data should evolve with the rest of your software stack eliminating concept-drift.
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Increased Security

Built-in support for authentication, authorization and event payload encryption from event production to the DataGateway.

Robust Event Handling

The compatibility between Particle DataGateway and its client libraries guarantee exactly once delivery of events from producers to the data pipeline.

Faster Time-to-Market

Let Particle DataGateway handle event collection and release your product faster by focusing on the key differentiators.

Decreased Development Costs

Decrease development costs up to 90% by integrating Particle DataGateway client libraries into your event producers.

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Use Cases

Game Analytics

Web Analytics



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Technical Specifications

Supported Protocols

  • MQTT 3.1.1
  • HTTP, HTTP/2
  • WebSockets

Event Standards

  • CloudEvents 1.0
  • JSON, Avro
  • Custom Payload


  • TLS
  • OAuth
  • OpenID
  • X.509 PKI Certificates

Data Pipelines

  • Kafka
  • ActiveMQ / JMS
  • Custom Adapter
Particle DataGateway
Apache Kafka
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